Our Fixed Fees

Take a look at our fixed fees for all our services. We like to be transparent about our pricing so that you have a piece of mind.

Drafting and Serving Notices
Section 21 Notice£95.00
Section 8 Notice£95.00
Both Section 8 and Section 21 Notice£150.00
Legal Review & Notice£225.00
Submitting a claim to the Court for possession
Section 21Court Fee£355.00
Drafting and Submitting claim to court£695.00
Section 8Court Fee£355.00
Drafting and Submitting claim to court£895.00
Advocate AttendanceAdvocate to Attend Hearing£395.00
Country CourtCountry Court Bailiff court fee£130.00
Completion of bailiff risk assessment and liaising with bailiffs£265.00
High CourtApplication For Permission to Transfer to The High Court£395.00
High Court Transfer Fee£71.00
Completion of Documentation and Certificated High Court Enforcement Agent Attendance£695.00
Rent Arrears Recovery
Issue money claim online to obtain judgment (CCJ)£125.00
Trace a former Tenant£125.00
Draft and serve Statutory Demand£595.00
Attachment of Earnings£525.00
High Court Writ of Control£495.00
Third Party Debt Order£595.00

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Fixed Fee Tenant Eviction

Eviction Support has a wealth of experience in assisting landlords to regain swift and legal possession of their property.

Eviction of Squatters and Trespassers

Our specialist squatter eviction team are experts in regaining possession of property from unwanted visitors.

Former Tenant Tracing

We use the latest technology to trace your former tenant on a No trace No Fee basis.

Collection of Rent Arrears

Our lawyers offer a range of services to assist with the collection of rent arrears from former tenants.

Success Rate
0 %
At Least 55% Of Eviction Proceedings Are Delayed Due To Incorrect Or Incomplete Applications
0 %
Successful Possessions
Of Tenants Fail To Leave A Residential Property On The Possession Date Ordered By The Court
0 %

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