Tenant Eviction Service

Our fixed fee tenant eviction service is designed to provide landlords with a straightforward and transparent solution for navigating the eviction process. We understand the challenges and frustrations that can arise when dealing with difficult tenants, and our goal is to alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with eviction proceedings.

Tenant Eviction Service

Why Choose Us

With our fixed fee pricing, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you will be paying, without any hidden costs or surprises. Our team of eviction specialists will handle all aspects of the process, from serving notices to filing court documents, ensuring that your eviction is carried out efficiently and effectively. Trust in our expertise and experience to guide you through the eviction process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your property management.


Tenant Eviction can be a difficult process to navigate and if not followed correctly can result in a delay to you gaining possession or the need for further costly legal action.

When reviewing a case for possession the court is aware that this means taking away the tenants home and are very cautious when making any order by ensuring the procedure has been followed to the letter of the law. Almost half of possession applications fail or are returned because the landlord has not followed the correct steps.


With over 30 years of experience, Eviction Support offer our landlords the perfect solution to streamline the eviction process by ensuring the procedure is followed precisely to avoid any unnecessary delays. Our award-winning team and property lawyers are experts in assisting landlords and their agents in regaining legal possession of their property

Route to Possession

Step 1 - Serve Notice

We will complete an in depth review of your case and based on the information you provide us, give advice on action and next steps required

We will draft and serve the appropriate notice and provide a court approved certificate of service

Step 2 - Claim for Possession

In the event your tenant does not vacate after notice has expired it will be necessary to make a possession claim through the county court.

We will complete the relevant applications, collate and index your documents and submit them to court, paying fees through our court account in order to start the claim process.

If a hearing is called, our expert advocates are on hand to represent and accompany you at court.

Step 3 - Bailiff Eviction

Once your possession order has been granted and the tenant still remains in the property, we will organise an eviction date through the county court, complete the bailiff risk assessment and pay fees through our court account.

If permission to transfer up your possession order to the high court has been granted, we will transfer through our HCEO to obtain a writ of possession. In some instances, this can be a faster process as high court enforcement officers are employed directly by Eviction Support Group

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Step 1 – Draft and Serve Notice

Following a free review of your case we will prepare and serve your tenant with the relevant notices ensuring all information is accurate and is served in the correct format, once served we will provide a recognised certificate proving the date and time that your tenant was served with notice. This will form part of your application should a possession hearing be required.

Step 2 – Claim for Possession

In the event your tenant does not vacate after notice has expired it will be necessary to make a possession claim through the county court. We will complete the relevant applications and submit them to court. If the claim for possession is undefended and the notice has been served correctly a possession order will generally be granted.
If the claim is defended or non-standard the court may adjourn your case and request further information before making a final order. Our expert lawyers will be on hand to support and represent you every step of the way.

Step 3 – Bailiff Attendance

It is not uncommon for a tenant to remain in the property after receiving a possession order, If your tenant decides to ignore the court order, we will arrange for bailiffs to attend, in order to enforce the possession order. Eviction support are able to offer a fully managed service for the eviction date if you are unable to attend.

Of Tenants Fail To Leave A Residential Property On The Possession Date Ordered By The Court
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At Least 55% Of Eviction Proceedings Are Delayed Due To Incorrect Or Incomplete Applications
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“We always use Eviction Support to provide our landlords with support when an eviction is necessary. Many thanks to the team at Eviction Support”



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